Image of "Eat Your Heart Out" Giclee Print

"Eat Your Heart Out" Giclee Print


For those who would rather tell certain matters of the heart to go bite it.

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day or its like. The saccharine hearts, the commercials screaming that if you don't shell out the money then your loved one will never know how you feel... I may be a jaded misanthrope, but showering someone with overpriced foil-wrapped chocolate for one day of the year at great expense and public spectacle isn't the way to show that one cares.

This is a high quality giclee print made using Canson® Infinity Velin Museum Rag and archival pigment inks. All prints are produced by the artist, in house and with strict quality control to ensure that every print is as close to the original illustration as possible. Your print is signed, numbered, and will ship in an acid-free cellophane sleeve for added protection. This is a 5" x 7" limited edition of 30 prints.

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