Image 1 of "Talaria" Giclee Print Image 2 of "Talaria" Giclee Print

"Talaria" Giclee Print

$15.00 - $30.00

Do you enjoy running? Barely tolerate it? Only run if it’s away from rabid badgers (and I’m not talking about the cuddly British kind)? Just into skeletal winged feet? I won't judge, and neither will this talaria. Nevermind that a talaria is technically a winged sandal, because I don't know of anyone who's into illustrations of winged Birkenstocks. Was that part judgemental? Maybe. The fact of the matter is that this skeletal foot has wings, and that's pretty great if you ask me.

This is a high quality giclee print made using Canson® Infinity Velin Museum Rag and archival pigment inks. All prints are produced by the artist, in house and with strict quality control to ensure that every print is as close to the original illustration as possible. Your print is signed, numbered, and will ship in an acid-free cellophane sleeve for added protection. I offer this piece in two ready-to-frame sizes. Both sizes are a limited run of 30 prints each.

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