I’m a professional tattoo artist and colored pencil illustrator working at Knight Studios Custom Tattooing in Chicago, Illinois. I specialize in macabre wildlife, and work extensively with tattooing self-harm scar cover-ups. 

I originally took up colored pencils as a way to revive my love of illustration. After working as a corporate graphic designer for years, my drive to create art was at risk of being lost. Now I enjoy working with a perfect mix of my two favorite art forms: illustration and tattooing. Not everyone can say they do what they love for a living, and for that I am especially grateful.

I'm heavily inspired by equal doses of natural history and the supernatural, with my work falling on a spectrum from humorous to unhallowed. What many people find strange or creepy I find fascinatingly beautiful. 

Two of my biggest passions outside of art are wildlife, particularly reptiles, and mental health advocacy. I am a volunteer and board member for Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue in Wheeling, IL. I also run yearly self-harm scar cover-up initiatives in May for Mental Health Awareness Month.