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"Little Lamb" Longsleeved Tshirt


One of my favorite interests is funerary history, and gravestone symbolism is a never ending source of inspiration. Every animal, plant, and object depicted on historical gravestones had a purpose, and this shirt design celebrates those symbols and their meanings.

Lambs were a common symbol used primarily on the graves of children, symbolizing innocence. One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new cemetery is finding the little lambs that the elements have worn down. Many of those lambs are so eroded that they seem to be missing their heads in a way not depicting brutality or violence, but as if they were never there at all. Wheat has multiple interpretations; it can symbolize both resurrection or, on the grave of an adult, a fruitful life. Poppies are both a symbol of remembrance and eternal sleep. Broken buds were sometimes used on the graves of younger folk to signal a life cut short. Teeth, while not a funerary symbol, are very much a symbol of progressing through life. We lose and gain teeth as we progress through childhood, and sometimes lose those teeth once more before returning to dust.

Little Lamb is depicted in vibrant russet red on a soft cream long sleeved shirt. Hand printed by the artist on Bella + Canvas unisex tees. Perfectly cozy for reading up on one’s favorite cemeteries during the long winter nights.

Unisex sizing, size down for a more fitted look. Due to the shirts' hand-printed nature, there may be slight print variations between shirts. Each one is one of a kind and unique, just like the wearer.

Need a size not provided here? I do custom orders as well! Contact me to make it happen.

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